Sustainable Fashion Guest Post: Daisy from What Daisy Did

Jag är jätteglad att kunna presentera en fantastisk bloggserie här på Ecosphere, nämligen flera gästbloggare som skriver om hållbart mode ur sin synvinkel! Inläggen kommer vara på antingen svenska eller engelska, och jag hoppas att de kommer inspirera dig och många andra till en mer hållbar garderob på lång sikt! // I am so happy to be able to present an amazing series of guest blog posts here at Ecosphere, i.e. numerous bloggers writing about sustainable fashion from their point of view! The posts will be in either Swedish or English, and I hope that they will inspire you and many more to a more sustainable closet in the long run!

Den här gången är det dags för Daisy som man hittar på What Daisy Did som berättar sin syn på hållbart mode // The first blog post is from Daisy over at What Daisy Did & This is What Daisy Did, where she blogs about slow fashion and her own production of slow fashion sustainable bags.

Här hittar du inlägg #1 i bloggserien! // Here you can find post #1 in the blog series.


My Sustainable Style by Daisy of What Daisy Did


I’ve always loved fashion and I would say my style is very mixed, sometimes I like to dress up girly, sometimes just all in black! I buy a lot of stuff from vintage shops and mix it with basics from ebay, charity shops or the high street (but I try not to buy too much from the high street) I love independent and fairtrade brands but limit my spending budget and make sure that the item I want will go with at least 10 other things in my wardrobe so that I know I will wear it. I’m always also raiding my mums wardrobe, she has some vintage gems in the back of her wardrobe! Having studied Fashion and Textiles at school I like to make my own clothes as well and have piles of fabric waiting to be turned into clothes, including some awesome fabrics from the 70s that my Nan gave me.

Below is my workstation with all my buttons organised in jars by colour!


When buying vintage clothes I have some trouble with the sizes as it is all quite big and long but if I really love something I will still buy it and then just go at it with my sewing machine! Every six months I have a clear out of my wardrobe of things that don’t fit me anymore or anything I haven’t worn for at least a year and take it down to the charity shop. I never throw anything away unless it is completely unfixable.


There is so much information about sustainable out there that I try to encourage everyone I know to be interested in where their clothes come from and to check out #fashionrevolution #whomademyclothes.




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